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LifeLine Technique® Practitioner

Rebirthing Facilitator

Sacred Space Specialist

Heart Vibe Human

Hello Beautiful Person, thank you for coming to my website to see if what I offer as a practitioner and an authentic human resonates with you. My name is Katrina Heuskes and I am a heart-based practitioner who has been holding a safe space for my local, national & international clients since 2010. Using Muscle Reflex Testing (MRT) technology to accurately communicate with the sub conscious mind, sessions with me support you to process emotions and limiting beliefs in a content-free way. The point of difference with the healing modalities I specialise in is, that guided by MRT and the conscious breath, you are not required to reveal any private or personal details during a session to experience deep & profound transformation. Refreshing really! that we get to dive into our “stuff” with an open willing heart without the distraction of a narrative.  


React Less.  Heal More.


It is within a LifeLine Technique Session, a Breathwork Rebirthing or in a Sacred Circle that an opportunity is created to experience where your authentic truth and personal power truly resides. 

“The only person you are destined to become 

is the person you decide to be.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Mask Off &
Game On,
Make This Life Your Victory Lap!

I appreciate intimately that the human experience is often paved with subtle to extreme pain, fear, challenges, and core limiting beliefs. In life, these can appear as a labyrinth of negative thoughts, reactive behaviours, generational patterns, and emotional triggers. Learning how to guide and mindfully navigate your way through these deeply personal stressors is a brave, courageous, and emotionally intelligent move towards self-love, sustainable healing & conscious creation. Knowing how to observe and discern the beliefs, triggers and truth is the key to unlocking your greatest potential.


I Am abSOULutely a LifeScape specialist that you will appreciate having on your dream team!  Please take a look at the kind words people have shared about me as a practitioner and facilitator on my page of  Testimonials


With infinite love and gratitude, I gently and respectfully lead you to your heart with intention and purpose, help you understand the protective masks, and reawaken with clarity of vision your core potential to thrive. With grace and ease you will consciously create a healthy connection to your body, life, and relationships; especially the relationship you have with yourself. If it’s time for you to get out of your old story, take off the masks to consciously play life, and prepare for full immersion – Game On!

The LifeLine Technique®

The LifeLine Technique® in an experience of healing that incorporates 16 healing modalities.  Using the LifeLine Technique flowchart, I will guide you through a 16-step process in which emotions buried within the sub conscious mind are identified and intentionally harmonised with infinite love and gratitude. 

Breathwork Rebirthing

The Breath is a powerful and gentle life force energy that when harnessed in a conscious way allows for energy to move through the body.  The body speaks the mind and unprocessed emotion and cellular memory stored within the body can be accessed and released within a Breathwork session.


Sacred Circles are an opportunity to meet and gather in ceremony.  This experience is a beautiful gift to honour your divinity as a Woman on the planet and is especially designed as a safe space for women to share.

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