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If You Lived
In Your Heart You Would
Be Home
By Now.

Hello to You. My name is Katrina my family & friends would tell you my love language is kinaesthetic touch. They are right.


Most often you will find me with my head buried in the smell of springtime, my feet barefoot on the earth, my face towards the sun or with my tongue out catching the raindrops. I adore the changing seasons and cyclical rhythm of the moon as both are mirrored in the patterns of people who too change, grow, and evolve. I personally have experienced many opportunities in my half century on planet earth for which I am eternally grateful, equally for the ebbs and the flows.


My nieces and nephew say I remind them of ‘Mary Poppins’ and my two children will tease that I am a “Boundary-Crosser". Honestly, I am a little bit of both because of my desire to ask questions, understand on a deeper level and expect that the magic will happen. I’m often told by people close to me “You are not like most people Katrina, there is something very different about you.” I wear this observation with honour and grace, exploring this unique blueprint of my whole self with curiosity.

Born in Melbourne, Victoria I moved house ten times by the age of 17 and went on to study Educational Theatre at the University of Adelaide. It is during this time I learnt how to welcome change and meet new people with lightness & ease. Embracing the love of language I graduated as Secondary School Teacher of Drama and English and redirected this heart-set to working in Youth Theatre & Children’s Entertainment companies in Sydney. Called to return to my heart home in Adelaide, South Australia for a life by the ocean, I began a 20-year career in Financial Administration working as Business Manager for a Long Day & Out of Hours School Care not-for-profit organisation. Many years later returning to Victoria to work as Bursar in two Rudolf Steiner Waldorf schools. 

With Degrees, Diplomas and Graduate Diplomas under my belt I was always interested in what life had to teach with an esoteric flavour. My father always thought I would be an eternal student. He was right. Since I was 18 years young, I have involved myself in seminars including The Goddess Within, Spiral Journey, Conscious Body/Conscious Mind, Seven Paths to Personal Power, Reiki, Sacred Circles, Psychic Circles, Breathwork Rebirthing, Tantra, and The LifeLine Technique. I have also supported likeminded men over many years who have experienced the Man's Inner Journey and, the Awakening the Conscious Man workshops offered through Melbourne Men's Group.  I have contributed countless hours to my own personal development and chose to assist & facilitate at many workshops and seminars over a 30-year period to hold a sacred space for women, men, and children to do the same. I feel the best and most exciting way we learn about ourselves in through our connection with others.

“Love is the Poetry of the Senses - Honore de Balzac


I have been married and consciously uncoupled. I have made both head and heart decisions and experienced the joy and pain of consequence. Overtime I have shared my home with humans, beagles, cats, birds, and goldfish. In the cycle of life, I have birthed two amazing children into the world who inspire me with their humour, wit, kindness, and wisdom, and have I farewelled many family members and friends to spirit when their time here was complete. I have laughed hard and cried messy. I come from my heart and do my best to always speak my truth. I am in a loving relationship with my beloved and am fully supported on this journey of life to continue my pathway of infinite love and gratitude.


I look forward to connecting with you.


The LifeLine Technique® began as a personal journey for my family and I in 2009. I was curious about how to process sub conscious emotions and wholistic alternative ways to shift energy. The integrative healing and profound transformational shifts that occurred instantaneously for me meant that by 2010 I had Certified as a LifeLine Technique Practitioner (CLP) and have been supporting and guiding hearts to their trueself ever since.


I wear various hats as a Woman on the planet but being a CLP is really for me a “loving". Many of my clients both in Australia and Internationally have gone on to study The LifeLine Technique® for themselves and a number have become practitioners in their own right. I have clients who have been with me over the entirety my journey, others who understand the nature of ‘preventative self-maintenance’ and those whom I support along their ebbs & flows of life as they seek deeper clarity when life’s emotional & energetic cup is in need of an upgrade. Goddess knows it’s so beautiful & profound to have someone hold your hand (and heart) a while when our human vulnerability and monkey mind get triggered. Holding a space for you in times like these is always my pleasure and privilege.


One thing I know for certain is that regardless of experiencing sessions with me remotely or in person, the essence my clients all have in common is a desire to live a conscious life of heart-based intention. For this I humbly admire, respect and am truly grateful.


Please reach out to contact me if you have any more questions and would like to connect for an Appointment. 


Infinite Love and Gratitude - Katrina

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Conversations with Katrina
40 minutes (we love a chat)
 Katrina Heuskes & Author, Life Coach and Strategist Carl Massy, on his
Life Masterclass Podcast. 
Get to know me well.
10 minutes (discover me a little more)
 Katrina Heuskes & Female Tradie's Penny Petridis . A relaxed chat where Penny asks some questions you might be wondering about yourself when it comes to what I offer and why.
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