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120 minutes

Mask Off! for this initial consultation where you and I connect and begin to explore how the body speaks the mind.  We look at what lies beneath the surface of the sub conscious mind and I will guide you through an experience of The LifeLine Technique developed by Dr. Darren Weissman. 

6 Sessions [ 90 minutes each ]
$1,020 *

Game On! Immersion is an opportunity for you to experience how regular LifeLine Technique sessions will enhance the quality of your relationship to and understanding of yourself. Compassion, curiosity, and a desire to explore patterns of reactive behaviour are highly encouraged here.  It’s a chance to upgrade often to the next best version of yourself and let go of that which no longer serves your highest good. Home Play is recommended.

*[When paid in full, in advance & used within 6 months of investment. Not transferable]

12 Sessions [ 90 minutes each ]
$1,950 *

Deep Dive! Full Immersion is for you to completely choose love in the face of pain, fear, and challenges.  It is a commitment to yourself to embrace those parts of you that truly desire to be bathed in the light of infinite love and gratitude.  Breathe and delve into the core of your perceived and limiting beliefs to discover that within you there is the core of infinite potential. Change is the essence of life and as you learn to embrace the “LifeLine Law of Transformation and Change” you feel yourself start to flow with ease and grace.  It may sound like hard work but it really is the B.O.M.B. where you will bring out and be your very best.  Heart desires will be activated, intentions will be set and clarity of vision is harnessed.  Home Play is essential.

*[When paid in full, in advance & used within 12 months of investment. Not transferable]

The LifeLine Technique®  $180     60 mins   
Breathwork Rebirthing      $200     90 mins     
Couples LifeLine                $280     90 mins     
Breathwork            $300     120 mins   

Sustainable Change!  Investment in your personal development is the greatest gift you could ever give to yourself. 

An understanding of who you are and your capacity to thrive in the face of stress will keep you aligned with your true North – centred, clear, and passionately alive – especially in the tough times. A commitment to regular self-care and ongoing maintenance of the body, mind, spirit, and nature is essential. A one-hour maintenance session post Full Immersion is like sunlight and water for your spiritual garden.  Take good care of you in this game of life. 

Individual LifeLine and Breathwork sessions are also offered for clients once they have participated in a STEP UP initial consultation.  I also offer sessions to Couples who have each completed a minimum of x2 Individual LifeLine or x2 Individual Breathwork sessions. Relationships are sacred.


The intimate space I hold for these connections are beautiful, raw vulnerable and safe. 

LifeLine Ignite®    30 minutes    $90

Life Mastery! To become exceptional at mastering the game of life we want to be able to harmonise & recalibrate quickly in times when we know a curve ball is on its way or has managed to emotionally smash us out of the park. A 30-minute session is offered only to clients as an add-on during the Immersion or Full Immersion program, or for those who have experienced 6 or more LifeLine sessions with me.  Straight to the heart of the matter with this one!  

90 minutes
$18 [ per participant ]

“Bali Street Mums Project” will be tithed a portion of Circle proceeds.

Trueself Sacred Women’s Circle

Trueself Healing Circle

Connection! In a world of perceived separation, Sacred Circles are a chance to come together in community as ONE. It is an opportunity to see ourselves reflected in another. Coming as you are, as your authentic self, is encouraged as Sacred Circles are a time for self-healing best done with our sub conscious Mask Off. I have often found that here, with our trueself raw and sleeves rolled up to do the inner work, is where the greatest healing takes place. You are not alone.

Payment and T&C

Preferred Payment Options


Bank Transfer

Name: Katrina Heuskes

BSB: 015 627

ACC: 280 248 923



Disclosures, Considerations, Agreements & Commitments

  • Sessions with Katrina Heuskes are not designed or intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or infirmity. The body is a self-healing organism. It is agreed that the individual client is to accept responsibility for their own health and any risk related to receiving a session, and to hold Katrina harmless from any claim resulting in any and/or all sessions. It is also understood that LifeLine, Breathwork and/or Circle sessions do not replace services or treatment by other healthcare professionals.

  • Please be responsible for the energy you bring into the space. In person sessions are held within my private home. It is important that you are H2O hydrated and arrive on time for your session so you can make the most of the time we have together. Session times can and do sometimes vary client to client, session to session and whilst I make allowances for these in my schedule, being punctual maximises what we can work towards.

  • I like to build a healthy and transparent relationship with all my clients in relation to commitment for payment of sessions and services provided. Please understand that payment in full is required on or before the due date of a session or circle commencing. I personally do this for practitioners on my dream team and it is good karmic energy in motion. Thank you in advance.

  • Life happens. Please do your best to give more than 24 hours’ notice for cancellations or rescheduling appointments. I am usually very flexible but if a one-off session is cancelled within a 24 period and an attempt is not made within 7 days to reschedule, or rescheduled more than twice for the same booking, I will invoice an administration fee of $25.

  • Once a booking and/or payment is made in your name; individual sessions, sessions within your selected package, and/or financial written or verbal agreements we may have made outside of this pricing structure are not transferable. If you would like to organise a gift certificate for someone you care about, I’m happy to arrange this for you.

  • Time frames for use of the sessions included in the Immersion and Full Immersion options are 6 months and 12 months respectively. Immersion and Full Immersion sessions will be honoured from the 1st day of the next month in which initial payment in full is received. A six-week grace period from the date of your first payment is offered for a refund in full of any sessions not yet accessed. After this six-week grace period from the date of your first payment if the sessions aren’t quite what you had hoped for, or your situation legitimately changes I will honour a 50% refund of the remaining sessions not yet accessed.

  • Unless otherwise stated, all associated charges for sessions are in Australian dollar AUD.

  • Breathwork Rebirthing sessions will be conducted In-person.

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