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Some people have a presence about them, that in and of itself, is healing, Katrina Heuskes is one of those beautiful and precious people. You'll feel it the moment you make the courageous decision to book a session with her. She is an extremely skilled Certified LifeLine Practitioner and I'm confident she'll help you to transform the limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that have kept you stuck and struggling. If you're ready for change, Katrina is an amazing person to have on your dream team.

Darren R. Weissman, D.C.  
Chiropractic Holistic Physician, Developer of The LifeLine Technique®, Author.  Chicago                

I have had the privilege of getting LifeLine sessions from Katrina for over 7 years now. She is not only a great practitioner, but the energy, lightness of spirit and open heartedness she brings to her work allows me to deeply experience a session with full trust. Katrina can also push me when needed, so I know every session will go where it needs to go. I think Katrina is one of the best practitioners in Australia and I recommend her to all my clients. 

Carl Massy   
Author and Coach. Bali

Katrina is an incredibly heart centred, highly evolved, and wise woman who guides her clients through effective and nurturing sub-conscious healing using The LifeLine Technique®. I have been recommending Katrina for the past 3 years now and have always had terrific feedback from my clients. Katrina’s energy is love, which radiates from her as kindness, compassion, empathy, non-judgemental and safe. She creates an environment for her clients to surrender to what is knowing that all is well. I highly recommend Katrina to anyone seeking an effective technique and loving arena to help ‘shift their stuff’.

Jane Donovan   
Coach, Radio Host, Presenter, Author.  Adelaide

I started working with Katrina to help me manage the pressures of running my business. However what Katrina offered was much deeper than that. With her intensive sessions we were able to dig much deeper than how to deal with the stress of work. I have tried many healing modalities and I can honestly say with her methods and support this has easily been the most radical and transformative experiences I have had from a healing modality. It will be dark; it will be gritty though when you come out the other side you will have a new awareness and perspective on your situation, and this will align with your authentic self. I have my business partner and employees now using this with our business. This is without saying that Katrina herself is just amazing, she is such a nurturing, supportive and accepting person, she has always been there for me in a time of need. I feel that even though this is a therapist/client relationship she has offered much more than that and I am truly lucky to have Katrina in my life.

Brie Moreau   
Senior SEO Consultant, Business Development.  Bali                     

I have known Katrina Heuskes since she was 18 years old, a student wanting to attend a seminar with our company, which she eventually did and then continued her journey by attending every program we ran and also assisted at them. This alone speaks of dedication to her own personal growth. Attending the first training of The LifeLine Technique® in 2009 was the result of Katrina wanting to up-skill and thus have more tools to better assist her own family which eventually led to her becoming a practitioner for others.


I would absolutely recommend anyone have a LifeLine session with Katrina.   She is incredibly articulate, making the explanation of this 16-step process easy to understand.   She is a highly proficient expert practitioner, so much so, that she was the only person in Australasia in 2015 -2018 with the title: ‘Master Trainer’, an honour given by the creator of the modality itself, Dr Darren Weissman.


Katrina is compassion personified; she’s highly intelligent; with remarkable communication skills, thus allowing people to find their truth in the process. Integrity is one of her key values and she lives it in every area of her life.  She is kind and caring, gentle yet strong.  Qualities of clarity and deep insight combined with a wisdom way beyond her years make her definitely a “Master.”  I cannot recommend her highly enough.  Infinite love and gratitude.

Diane McCann   
Seminar & Workshop Facilitator of The Goddess Within; Man’s Inner Journey; Tantra for Couples.  Adelaide

Through experiencing The Lifeline Technique®, I have felt myself confidently facing choice points and leaping in the direction which has best served me, from a deep sense of love for myself and compassion for those affected by those choices. Katrina’s facilitation of ‘Lifeline’ has assisted me in accessing beliefs formed through life experiences which I understand, and which science is beginning to prove, have been held in my body, influencing my responses to life’s challenges and my perspective on my own reality.


Katrina’s ability to guide me in a concise manner to access these beliefs and crystalise them by naming the emotions attached and shifting them on a physiological, emotional, and spiritual level is seemingly inherent for her, but also profoundly brilliant. Katrina is adept in holding the space, anchoring the therapist and client relationship to the moment. Through her welcoming demeanor and integrity to the ‘LifeLine’ practice, I have been influenced to seek out ‘LifeLine’ during transition times in my life and solace in her company as my guide.'

Kirsty-Lee Jones   
Occupational Therapist.  Adelaide

I correctly chose the most appropriate practitioner for me. After a couple of minutes in my first session, we were communicating as if we've been friends for 20 years. It didn't feel like a session. It felt like I was just talking to a friend online. Katrina is humble; modest; and genuine; I knew that the progress we made in that one session was just the beginning. Inspirational and motivational are an understatement when it comes to Katrina. She has an infectious personality. The type of person you always want to be around because they make you feel happy and confident. What you see and hear from Katrina is what you get. 100% genuine and compassionate.  

I cannot describe it, but my body is very sensitive; so, the change was very noticeable. What can I say? You just have to try The LifeLine Techniqueâ to experience it. You don't need to have a health issue. LifeLine will just begin to create a new and improved you.  Upon completion of my first LLT session, I was like; WOW!!! NOW THAT IS A PRACTITIONER!!!

Katrina made me feel so at ease; that doing the work during the LifeLine Technique session was actually fun and seemed effortless. I am really looking forward to the next session. Not just for the LifeLine Technique, but for Katrina! She makes you feel invincible to the point that any future obstacle can be overcome effortlessly. 

I am truly blessed to have Katrina come into my life, no matter where this journey takes me. I have been stuck. All I needed was somebody like Katrina to give me a kick start, and now I'm on my way with her guidance, and it is totally irrelevant how long that takes. Where I am at the present moment; is where I'm meant to be!

Joe T.   
Melbourne, Australia

Learning to process emotions in a conscious way is one of the most important things you will ever learn to do.


A few years ago, back in September of 2015 I was introduced to Katrina Heuskes who is a Certified Lifeline Practitioner.

I had at the time already been exposed to Dr. Darren Weissman’s work with The Lifeline Technique®.  Little did I know at the time that Katrina would be a key puzzle piece holder for my own healing journey.


Katrina and I have been working together consistently now and she has been witness to all of the challenges I have worked through, and I thank her for always showing up as her best self to guide and teach me things I can implement for myself.


I now notice when I’m triggered and take the observer role instead of reacting and having mental health challenges. … I’ve lost count how many times I’ve recommended Katrina to others for their own growth and healing.

Sydney, Australia           

I have completed a 12 week Full Immersion course with Katrina, and here’s what I have to say. 


Katrina has an amazing energy and personality, so its always been a fun experience going to a session with her.  I always leave feeling zonked, healed and more centred than when I arrived.  Outside of the sessions I have noticed some amazing permanent changes in my symptoms.  I use to wake and pee 3 or 4 times a night, now I can sleep right through, my sleep is dramatically better.  I also used to overheat at 2 in the morning, and wake up all sweaty, that’s ceased as well! The breathwork session in week 10 was also a highlight.


No hesitation in recommending a 12 week LifeLine Technique® Full Immersion course with Katrina.

Joe C.
Principal Forensic Engineer. Melbourne         
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